Follow The Money

About the work

Follow The Money unveils the complex flow of money from foundations to art institutions. The nodes of the work are givers (mostly foundations, show in blue) and receivers (mostly art institutions, show in red), and the links between them correspond to donations. The thickness of the line captures the amount of money that a foundation donated to a specific art institution. The work unveils the complex ecosystem of funding that keeps the art space breathing. Viewers can approach the works with a hand-held UV lamp that helps unveil the name of each institution, offering the chance to explore who funds whom.

Photo: Emma Schwartz


Credit: A.-L. Barabási, L.Shekhtman, Y.Liu, S.Dikshit, A. Grischenko

Shekhtman, L.M., Barabási, AL. Philanthropy in art: locality, donor retention, and prestige. Sci Rep 13, 12157 (2023).

Exhibitied at Postmasters Gallery, New York, 2022

Follow the Money, Art In New York City focuses on the source of funding of all NYC based art institutions, encompassing the totality of the art space, i.e. both visual and performing art.

The hand-held UV lamp being used that unveils the name of each institution in the artwork.  Photo Credit: Emma Schwartz
Spectators viewing the artwork and using the UV lamp. 
Follow the Money, Visual Arts, captures the flow of money across all US institutions involved in visual arts.
 Follow the Money, Art In New York City, focuses on NYC based art institutions, encompassing both visual and performing art.