Network Science

Weighted evolving networks

Many biological, ecological, and economic systems are best described by weighted networks, as the nodes interact with each other with varying strength. However, most evolving network models studied so far are binary, the link strength being either 0 or 1. In this paper we introduce and investigate the scaling properties of a class of models which assign weights to the links as the network evolves. The combined numerical and analytical approach indicates that asymptotically the total weight distribution converges to the scaling behavior of the connectivity distribution, but this convergence is hampered by strong logarithmic corrections.


More publications
Marc Santolini and Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

PNAS | vol. 115 | no. 27 | E6375–E6383

Cristian Candia, C. Jara-Figueroa, Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, Albert-László Barabási, and César A. Hidalgo

Nature Human Behavior 3, 82–91 (2019)