Uncovering the genetic blueprint of the C. elegans nervous system


A fundamental question of neuroscience is how the brain wires itself. Here, we propose a modeling framework that explains how cellular connectivity emerges from neuronal identity, allowing us to offer experimentally falsifiable predictions on the genetic encoding of the connectome. The rapid advances in brain science require quantitative frameworks to integrate genetic and connectome information. The proposed model responds to this need, helping us unveil the genetically driven mechanisms that govern the formation of individual links in the brain.


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Denis Dupuy, Nicolas Bertin, César A Hidalgo, Kavitha Venkatesan, Domena Tu, David Lee, Jennifer Rosenberg, Nenad Svrzikapa, Aurélie Blanc, Alain Carnec, Anne-Ruxandra Carvunis, Rock Pulak, Jane Shingles, John Reece-Hoyes, Rebecca Hunt-Newbury, Ryan Viveiros, William A Mohler, Murat Tasan, Frederick P Roth, Christian Le Peuch, Ian A Hope, Robert Johnsen, Donald G Moerman, Albert-László Barabási, David Baillie & Marc Vidal

Emma K. Towlson and Albert-László Barabási

Network Neuroscience 2020, pp. 1–17

Dániel L. Barabási, Albert-László Barabási

Neuron 105, 1-11 2019