Network Science

Dynamics of complex systems: scaling laws for the period of boolean networks

Boolean networks serve as models for complex systems, such as social or genetic networks, where each vertex, based on inputs received from selected vertices, makes its own decision about its state. Despite their simplicity, little is known about the dynamical properties of these systems. Here we propose a method to calculate the period of a finite Boolean system, by identifying the mechanisms determining its value. The proposed method can be applied to systems of arbitrary topology, and can serve as a roadmap for understanding the dynamics of large interacting systems in general.


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Cristian Candia, C. Jara-Figueroa, Carlos Rodriguez-Sickert, Albert-László Barabási, and César A. Hidalgo

Nature Human Behavior 3, 82–91 (2019)

Federico Battiston, Federico Musciotto, Dashun Wang, Albert-László Barabási, Michael Szell, and Roberta Sinatra

Nature Reviews Physics 1, 89-97 (2019)