Louis Shekhtman

Louis Shekhtman

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Louis has broad interests in applying computational methods to systems such as infrastructure networks, viral dynamics, social behavior, blockchain, and more. His papers have been published in a variety of top journals including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Science Translational Medicine, Phys. Rev. E, New Journal of Physics, and others. He completed his doctorate in Statistical Physics under Prof. Shlomo Havlin at Bar-Ilan University and worked in parallel with Prof. Harel Dahari at Loyola Medical Center in Chicago. He has an undergraduate degree in Physics and Integrated Science from Northwestern University, where he carried out research with Prof. Dirk Brockmann and Prof. Jim Bagrow. At the Barabasi Lab he is studying the science of success, looking at the behavior of social and economic elites.