Burcu Yucesoy

Burcu Yucesoy

Associate Research Scientist


I am currently a Associate Research Scientist at the Center for Complex Network Research, Northeastern University. I hold a M.Sc. degree from Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, and a Ph.D. from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA. I started out as a theoretical physicist, working on classic problems of statistical mechanics such as Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group Theory. Then I became a computational physicist to study Spin Glasses by designing and running the large-scale simulations necessary to understand these systems and dealing with generated data. I am now applying those skills to real-world data, trying to understand the society we live in and what it takes to become successful in today's constantly changing, highly interconnected world. As such, my current research is focused on the dynamics of success as performance, productivity, recognition and popularity. Research interests: complex systems, social networks, social media, computational social science, sports analytics, cultural contagion