Job openings in the Barabási Lab

Position Summary

The Data Visualization Research Specialist must possess a unique ability to represent visually complex network data prepared by an interdisciplinary group of physicists, biologists, and computer scientists using various forms of visual design and software development programs. Must be able to use creativity and professional judgment in order to resolve design and technical challenges. Must be adaptable to a constantly evolving collaborative and interdisciplinary workflow.


PRINT: Create figures ready for scientific publications, presentations, exhibitions, and sharing online (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign)

INTERACTIVE: Work on a wide range of 2D and 3D interactive media including websites, data visualizations, and vr/ar applications (Html5, Css4, D3, Three.js, AngularJS, python, flask)

3D: Prepare 3D models for the 3D printing pipeline or interactive applications. Create renderings for print and video (Maya, Renderman)

VIDEO: Create time-based media to accompany and document research (Premiere, After Effects)

Basic Qualifications

• A portfolio of related work
• Bachelor's degree in design or a related field
• 4-6 years experience with Adobe Creative Suite Software
• 4-6 years experience with Web Development/Management
• Experience in the complete product development lifecycle of successfully launched web and/or software applications is

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Position Summary

The lab of Professor Albert-László Barabási, together with the Network Science Institute at Northeastern University and the Division of Network Medicine at Harvard University, is looking for postdoctoral research associates in the area of nutrition, biological networks, machine learning/AI, and science of science. The BarabasiLab's current work spans the applications of networks toward understanding food and nutrition, human diseases, disease progression, biomarker discovery, and drug repurposing, as well as understanding the emergence of impact in art and science.

Basic Qualifications

We are seeking motivated individuals with an interest in exploring complexity and its applications to food, art, science, and medicine from a network perspective. The ideal candidate has a nutrition, bioinformatics, physics, computer science, mathematics, or statistics Ph.D., and a working experience in network science/bioinformatics and ML/AI/DL.


Interested candidates may apply for the position here:

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